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About us

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N’ Between Dreams (NBD) is an association limited by guarantee.  The Controller of the N’ Between Dreams is Dorine Brenda-Lee McGee.





  • to conduct, encourage, promote, advance and administer sports throughout the Cayman Islands;

  • to ensure the maintenance and enhancement of the Association, the members and sports, its standards; quality and reputation for the benefit of the Members and sports;

  • to make a positive influence in our communities through sports and education;

  • to identify and further develop basketball talent in the Cayman Islands;

  • to arrange and manage visits of athletes from overseas and to arrange and manage tours by Cayman athletes to other countries;

  • to arrange and manage visit for overseas coaches/athletes to identify local talent;

  • to assist and prepare athletes for college/universities by exposure to colleges and universities and preparation for college/universities entrance examinations;

  • to support the healthy development of children and youth through structured programming;

  • to support the academic, person/social, spiritual and cultural development of students within the community;

  •  to create platforms where youth can develop and showcase their talent and

  •  to undertake and or do all such things or activities which are necessary, incidental or conducive to the advancement of these Objects.


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